This page and it's sub-pages will go over the events and their parameters.

This page contains documentation about the scripting events.

Each event has the following method:

getHandlerName(): String

This method returns the Event Handler name.

The method above is an internally-used method, should not be used in your scripts.

Handling events

To handle an event, call the handle(handlerName: String, handlerFunction: Function(Event)): Undefined method on an object that you want your handler to run on. (example: your module, command, the entire script)

Cancellable events

Some events can be cancelled, while other events can't be. Cancellable events have 2 methods that non-cancellable events don't.

isCancelled(): Boolean

Returns if the event has been cancelled or not.

setCancelled(cancelled): Undefined

Sets the cancelled state of the event.

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